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Nurturing our nature.

Explore NY 400 will introduce you to the breathtaking natural wonders of the corridor of water and surrounding landscape from Canada to New York City, as well as successful stewardship initiatives to protect this region for future generations to treasure.

We plan to:

  • Inventory, map and analyze open space and park protected areas.

  • Conduct outreach programs to young people, community leaders and decision makers along the corridor to help them gain first hand experience with protected areas, their unique qualities and their relation to the quality of life in urban areas.

  • Commission an international team of conservation professionals to identify and analyze linkages for wildlife and water and make recommendations to integrate existing fragmented areas of the landscape.

  • Sponsor an international symposium of world leaders on parks, protected areas and conservation in 2009.

  • Establish a work plan with a strong sense of mission and public support for the future of the corridor.

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park, publish courtesy of www.pdimages.com/NewYorkpics.htm