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Robert Fulton

Robert FultonTwo hundred years later, inventor Robert Fulton and his partner Robert R. Livingston, Jr. of Clermont demonstrated that a steamboat could successfully travel from New York City to Albany. This journey was the first long-distance trip made by a steamboat, and heralded the start of commercial steamboat service along the Hudson River as well as an establishment of steam navigation. Fulton conceived of the idea of a steam-powered vessel in the 1790s. Others were also experimenting with steam power. While working in Paris, Fulton met Robert Livingston, who was Thomas Jefferson's Minister to France, and the two worked together on a steamboat project. After several unsuccessful shipbuilding attempts, they returned to America to build a large boat for Hudson River travel which they named the North River Steamboat. This new steamboat, commonly known as the Clermont, left New York City for Albany on August, 17, 1807, and made the trip in 32 hours.

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